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Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Seating charts and table layouts can be one of the more stressful parts of planning a wedding. Let's explore some table shapes, layouts and wedding seating chart ideas to help you find the right plan for your venue and style.

Helpful Hints:

Here are some tips to make your planning a little easier! Seat the elderly closest to the entrance and farthest away from the DJ booth. This will ensure they don’t have to travel far and the music will not be too loud. Children; to allow them or not. If you love to have the little ones running around, consider having some interactive toys and coloring tools at their table to keep them content. Assigning or hiring a babysitter for the evening is highly recommended on or offsite. Seating teenagers and young adults closest to the dance floor is also helpful since they'll likely be the ones out there :)

Table Shape and Layout:

Circular Tables

For a wedding seating chart idea that is one of the most timeless, go with circular tables. This arrangement will give your venue that beautiful elegant look. Circular tables are easy to arrange in any space for small or large guest lists. You can uniformly align your round tables or place them sporadically for a fun flare or large space.

Rectangular Tables

There are so many options when it comes to using rectangular tables. Do you have a smaller, more intimate wedding? Try using a U-shaped layout for your cheating chart. This is a great way for a smaller group to mingle comfortably.

Angled banquet tables are ideal for large venues filled with large guest lists. You can comfortably seat 12-18 people at each of these tables. Save some space by using benches rather than chairs.

A Uniform Line layout is versatile and you can use it for any wedding style and any sized venue. The symmetrical lines create a clean modern look. This is also a great way to maximize the space.


Let's get creative and change it up, like Emily & Steve! Try a large rectangular head table surrounded by round tables filled with friends and family. This will ensure that all eyes are focused on the bride and groom. You can keep it symmetrical or stagger the tables. This is the most versatile seating chart plan that can be used in any venue from your quaint backyard, to the open oceanside, to your favorite concert venue.

Guide the way:

Create a physical seating chart that you can display outside of the reception to help guide your guests to their tables. This is a great decorative addition to your wedding decor and will also be a helpful tool! Decorative place cards, lucite, chalkboard, or hanging signs, the options are endless! Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Don't let your seating chart stress you out! Break it down and use helpful tools to guide you in the process. The first step is figuring out which table shape and layout fit your wedding style and venue. The Wedding Wire has a great easy to use tool to help you assign your guests to their seats! Take a deep breath, you got this!

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