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2024 Wedding Trends✨

Updated: Apr 2

Here at Popped, we know weddings! Of course, with that knowledge comes the great responsibility to share our predictions of the top wedding trends heading into 2024. We’ve done our homework and looked into the most popular details that couples are looking for to put together what we think will be the top trends of the new year! Whether you want to be the trendiest couple or you’re simply curious about some ways to elevate your wedding, our list of top trends is sure to spark some ideas of your own. 

Monochrome florals 

Florals are such a big part of the overall look of a wedding, so why not make a statement with them? Monochrome floral arrangements are a simple way to wow guests with a beautiful and cohesive look. Can’t choose just one hue? Try mixing different shades of the same color for your own spin on the hot trend!

Amazing photo ops 

The photo booth has been a wedding classic for years now. To elevate that experience for guests, we have seen couples opting for a more elaborate and interactive photo opportunity! Amazing photo ops can include an elaborate floral display, a fun backdrop, or the well-loved neon sign. 

Late night snacks 

Dancing the night away is hard work and you deserve a fun treat! Late night snacks have been steadily making their way into weddings as couples realize just how fun it is to treat yourself and your guests towards the end of the night. Your favorite fast food, an ice cream truck, or even a pizza delivery can really make a lasting impression! 

Audio guest books 

Something we’ve already been seeing from the trendiest of couples is the audio guest book. Sure you could have your guests write you a note in a traditional album, but how fun would it be to listen to their voices instead! Imagine grandma giving marriage advice or your college friends leaving silly memories. This is one detail we’re sure will last into the 2024 season!

Alternative entertainment

In our opinion, nothing leaves guests with more praise than a memorable experience. Recently, live painters have been all the rage and we predict that hype will continue into the new year! Not interested in that? The sky's the limit! A rented arcade game, a portrait photographer for guests, or a tattoo artist with a fun flash sheet can all be a fun way to incorporate your personalities and interests into your wedding!

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