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Holiday Gift Guide: The Engaged Friends

Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be stressful! We are here to help you out with a curated list of gift ideas.

If you are anything like me, you know at least one person that got engaged this year. Deciding what kind of gift to get them can be daunting if you don't know where to start. Whether your friend is newly engaged or is days away from their wedding (a nearlywed, as I like to call them), here are a few gift ideas!

Engage: A Keepsake Book!

For the couple that just got engaged, Engage: A Keepsake Book will help them document their engagement with journal prompts, tips for wedding planning, date ideas to make this time fun and stress-free, and more!

Bride Merch

For the Bride-to-Be, take the time to celebrate this new period in their life by getting them some “bride” merch to commemorate their new title! Whether it be a sweatshirt or a hat, this will be such a fun gift to commemorate a special season of life. We've linked some of our favorite options


Personalized Cufflinks

For the friend that will suit up for their big day, a detail like personalized cufflinks can be a really meaningful gift. With a variety of options, from initials to special messages, this personalized touch can add a lot to their wedding day attire.

A Name Change Kit

For the friend that is changing their name, make the process easier by gifting them everything they need to do so. A box like Newly Named simplifies the name change process by providing step-by-step instructions and necessary documents.

A Jewelry Cleaning Machine

For the friend that is always polishing their engagement ring, a jewelry cleaning machine could be the perfect gift. Pair it with a cleaning solution for that extra shine they are always looking for!

Personalized Luggage

For your jet setting friends, try upgrading their luggage with a personalized touch or even getting them custom luggage tags. Perfect to use for their honeymoon!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always an option when you don’t know what to get. To make it a little more special, be picky about what you get it for. For the DIY couple in your life, consider getting them a gift card to their favorite craft or hardware store. For the bougie couple, get one from a place they might be registered.

Cover a Date Night

If you’re not feeling inspired and want to go out of the box a bit, a great option would be to cover a date night! Send them to their favorite date night spot or have them try something new by covering a fun experience!

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