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Wedding Kids Table Ideas

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Don’t forget about the kids at your wedding! Whether you opt for a kids table or a kids activity area, there are so many cute and creative ways to keep the kiddos occupied during your wedding reception. From scavenger hunts, to activity books, or paper tablecloths that double as a coloring surface, these activities will ensure that all of the kids are enjoying the reception as well. Let's explore some fun and creative Wedding Kids Table Ideas!

For a fun and interactive kids table, line the table with butcher paper that the kids can draw on directly! You can keep it empty for their imaginations to run free, or pre-draw some children's games for them to follow. Make sure to have all sorts of coloring tools; activity books, markers, crayons, stickers, etc. to keep them busy throughout the reception. You can also incorporate your wedding favor here with customized boxes for each kid that match your special day’s theme!

If you’re not going to specify a kids table, you should create a kids activity area. If your venue is outdoors, bubbles, cornhole, and jumbo tic tac toe games are great activities for the children. You can find this customizable Giant Tumbling Tower Game on Etsy! This area will not only be fun for the children, but also the adults!

Create a scavenger hunt for the kids to play. I spy with my little eye “a beautiful dress”, “a dashing groom”, “a bubbly drink”. The kids will love running around to find their treasure! This is a great way to keep the kids involved, while the adults are having fun. Hiring a babysitter for the day or having family members assigned to watch over the children is a really great idea so it's a worry-free day.

Kids Table Sign:

Do you want a cohesive design? You can keep the table design consistent with your wedding decor, but add a fun sign to specify the kids table. Here are some of our favorites!

Fun games, favors and coloring galore will ensure your youngest guests enjoy your wedding day as much as the adults! Need some more ideas or help putting it all together? We're here for it all!

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