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Wedding Decor Trends: Amazing Arches and Altars

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

The wedding arch, quite literally, frames the moment you and your spouse become united. If your big day is in a stunning indoor venue, or an outside venue with views for days, a beautiful arch is the perfect way to blend the ceremony with all aspects of your wedding. Bride’s today are bold and are finding new ways to upgrade the traditional inverted u-shape. Here are our favorite wedding arches and altars that are trending in 2022/2023!

Circular Altars

Circular altars are perfect for any wedding style or venue! The symbolism of the full circle as the unity of you and your spouse on your wedding day is so charming. Whether the circle is filled with flowers, pampas grass, fabric or balloons, it is sure to make a statement!

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are all the rave for a unique and modern wedding arch. We’ve seen triangles, rectangles, hexagons and even a combination. Decorate the shape with flowers, draped fabric, or other materials to integrate your wedding theme!

Different Materials and Color Block

This is a beautiful throw back to the 70’s with a modern twist and we are all about it! Non-traditional materials like plastic, marble and tufted fabric mixed with vibrant colors are a sure way to make your altar a memorable backdrop for your big day.

Pampas Galore!

Pampas grass is a huge trend that we adore. The beautiful dried grass fits perfectly for a number of palette’s; boho, beachy, whimsical, tropical, the list goes on! 😍 Check out this customizable round pampas arch on Etsy!

Metal Pillars with Flowers

Want to make a statement? This is a magical modern look that has so much versatility! The contrasting textures between the hard metal and the warm inviting flowers will draw everyone’s eyes toward your big moment.

Draping Fabric

I love how simple and elegant this look is! The soft draped fabric fits perfectly in a serene backyard wedding like Kanchana and Raghu’s, while also flowing beautifully with Emlyne and Inole’s neutral beach wedding.

The wedding arch is the focal point for your vow exchange.

LET US HELP YOU create that magical moment!

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