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Unique Tampa Bay Venues

One of my favorite things about Tampa is just when you think you have seen all of the sites to see and eaten at all the amazing foods, there’s something new waiting to be discovered. Well, new might not be the word, maybe “underestimated” is more like it. Same goes for wedding venues. You have the gorgeous chapels and the fancy restaurants, but you also have the old bank, historic theatre or even the cigar factory. Tampa will always have something unique up it’s sleeve!

1. The Vault

This neo-classical building was built in 1919, originally as the Exchange National Bank, hence the name being The Vault. It has now been revamped into a gorgeous hotel with a great tucked away bar called Bizou, and of course a stunning wedding venue. One of the most eye catching things about this venue is the 35 foot ceilings, making any event feel grand. Comfortably fitting 300 guests, this venue is 6,000 ft.

2. Rialto Theatre

In the heart of Tampa Heights, you can find the Rialto Theatre. This historic venue opened as a playhouse on N. Franklin Street on November 24, 1924, where it later turned into a movie theatre, then an auto-body shop, which ultimately was sold and turned into the stunning venue it is today! Dance on the stage so many before you danced on, and mark your historic day in these brick walls.

3. J.C Newman

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is America’s oldest family-owned premium cigar maker and the last operating cigar factory in Tampa, Florida. Celebrate your big day in a staple location for Tampa Bay, whether you love cigars, the local history, or just a good time! As a bonus, you can hire a live cigar-roller for your event. Talk about a party favor!

4. Armature Works

If you are a Tampa local, you are probably familiar with Armature Works. If you are not, you are in for a treat. Armature Works is a pretty large building in Downtown Tampa right at the end of the River Walk, and is the home to many little shops and restaurants, common work areas, bars, coffee shops, etc. What most people don't know is that you can have your wedding there, too! The historic brick walls, the view right on the river, the endless photo ops, what's not to love about this place?

5. Oxford Exchange

Have you ever dreamt of getting married in the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shop? Oxford Exchange has a way of making you feel like you've stepped into a fancy bookstore off the streets of London. When this location is not serving mouthwatering breakfast/lunch, they are hosting the most beautiful weddings. Welcome your guests to your event through the bookshop area, lead them through the hall, past the old fashioned shoe shining chair (talk about luxurious), and into the gorgeous main room, which leads out to the covered courtyard, or take the stairs up to the top floor for some lounging! Oxford is such an underestimated wedding venue here in the Tampa Bay area!

These are just 5 of the wedding venues in Tampa that you may never think to check out, but there are so many more hidden gems in Tampa. Working with a wedding planner who knows the area you are in, as well as has worked with many of the local vendors/venues, can be your biggest asset when planning a wedding! Make sure to ask if your planner has any recommendations for your aesthetic and number of guests.

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