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The best money saving tips for the budget savvy bride

The most important step in sticking to a tight wedding budget is to pick your priorities. Maybe it’s super important to you to have an amazing wedding cake. Maybe flowers are your thing. Maybe you want a high-end photo package… The bottom line, decide what’s important and then you can make cuts elsewhere.

Some of the biggest wedding expenses are florist and caterer. Because of this, these are also some of the biggest opportunities for savings if you are willing to compromise.

Of course, if either of these are top priority for you, make sure to fit this in. But if not… these are great places to get creative.

Floral – It is not uncommon that clients take one look at the floral quote and nearly fall out of their chair. Don’t get me wrong… as a wedding pro, I understand the reasons behind this cost and I totally think it’s worth it if it works with your budget. But for those who don’t want to spend their money here, this is what I normally recommend; get your personals from the florist (bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages), and go a different route for centerpieces and décor. This will most likely cut your floral bill in HALF!

Non-floral centerpieces:

OPTION 1: silk flowers

This is a great option if you still want the romantic look of flowers. If you’re in the Tampa area, check out Val’s. They have an awesome selection of high-quality silks.

OPTION 2: non- floral centerpieces

This is a great option for the non-traditional bride. Check out these snowflake centerpieces by my Christmas 2019 bride!

Catering – Catering will account for a huge chunk of your budget. If you decide you want to cut some costs in this category, make sure that you select a venue that doesn’t require you to use one of their approved caterers. Since this leaves you with limited options, it will also lead to a higher price tag.

Think beyond the plated dinner!!

Some creative options include food truck or bar truck, cocktail wedding (passed hors d'oeuvre, charcuterie, crudites only), unique food bars (think pizza bar, taco bar, dessert bar). This is not only an opportunity to cut costs, but also a place where you can show off your personality.

Hire a wedding planner

If you can find it in your budget for even a partial planning package, most planners will have the best intel on cost effective vendors, industry discounts you can access, and more money saving tips!!

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