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Re-energize your wedding planning excitement!

It’s been a really tough year for engaged couples. Most have made the tough decision to cancel or postpone their wedding at least once, some 2 or 3 times by now. It’s easy, with all that has gone on this year, to get disheartened and lose your wedding excitement!

To a wedding planner, this is absolutely the worst news I can hear. Wedding planning is stressful enough between all the decisions to be made, family dynamics, money, etc. So, to hear that a couple is no longer excited about their wedding hurts me to the core. You get ONE day… ONE… in your whole life (for most). It should be the best day ever.

So wherever you are in the planning process (newly engaged, been engaged for a year and will now be engaged for another year, just pushed out your wedding for the 4th time, or shifting gears to a micro-wedding) here are a few wedding planning tasks that you can still work on now to re-ignite your excitement and get the ball rolling again.

Create your wedding mood board

Whether you are using Pinterest, Aisle Planner with your wedding planner, or good old-fashioned magazine clippings on a poster board, spend some time getting inspired! Pick out your wedding colors, some floral and décor inspo and a general mood. Get a clear vision on your motif/vibe for the day. This can be a great way to get excited about what’s to come.

Work on DIY décor projects

One of the big mistakes I see DIY brides make is waiting too long to get started on their projects. If you’ve got ideas, congrats! You’ve just been granted more time. Make the most of it and get a head start.

Order your décor

Most couples are weary to make big booking decisions. It’s understandable to be a little weary of making deposits for your vendors when everything is still unclear at this point. But no harm in working on smaller projects and purchases, right? Order your wedding signs, table numbers, guest book, card box, favors, etc.

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Have a virtual Bachelorette/Bachelor party!

What better excuse is there to get your favorite peeps on a call? Hop on a zoom call, pop some champagne at your homes, and let loose. You can always get the gang together again IRL when the time is right, but why not celebrate now too!?

Through these tough times, try to remember the light at the end of the tunnel. The silver lining to it all... when it's said and done, you get to marry your person!


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