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Fun & Whimsical Ideas for Save the Dates

Hello there, beautiful souls!

So, you're engaged? A big, heartfelt congratulations to you! Now, before we delve into the world of tulle, fondant, and flower arrangements, let's talk about how to get the news out there. Your save the date wedding invitations!

These little messages hold a big responsibility... they set the scene for your big day. It will start to lay out what guests can expect for your wedding. PRO TIP: With this in mind, consider style, colors, etc. before sending your save the dates. That way, when you send invitations, all will be cohesive.

Here's a list of some super fun ideas for save-the-dates that you might not have thought of before to make your save-the-dates unique to you as a couple:

Digital Save the Date: With the rise of digital media, many couples are opting to go the digital route. This could be a QR code that takes guests to a personal wedding website when scanned, or an Augmented Reality (AR) element that brings a particular image or design to life. These can be as simple as a beautifully designed e-card, or as complex as an animated video. They are cost effective, ecologically-friendly, and easy to distribute.

Sustainable Invitations: Some couples might also opt for physical invitations made from recycled or from plantable paper. Plantable paper is embedded with seeds, allowing guests to plant the invitation in their garden and grow wildflowers or herbs.

Puzzle it Out: Have you ever thought about sending your guests a puzzle? Yes, you heard it right! You send them a jigsaw puzzle in the mail, and as they put it together, your faces, names, and wedding date slowly come together. It's a cute and fun way to make your wedding date literally 'fall into place'.

Pop Goes the Invitation: How about adding a little element of surprise to your save the dates? Pop-up cards are all about that! Picture this: your guests open a seemingly simple card, and then, surprise! They see a 3 D pop-up of the venue, a picture of you and your partner with your pet, or a simple save the date message.

Mark the Calendar: Now, this next idea is beautifully simple but so effective. Have you considered designing your save the date like a calendar? Maybe it's a magnet, where your wedding date is circled or highlighted, providing a clear visual reminder. Trust me, no one's double booking themselves on your big day with this one.

A Picture Perfect Portrait: Create a bespoke save the date featuring an illustrated portrait of you and your partner. An artist of your choosing can create a likeness that fits the style of your wedding, whether that's a realistic portrait, a quirky caricature, or something in between. Many of these artists can be found on and

Film & Music Invitations: Finally, for the cinema lovers and concert goers, your save the date could look just like a ticket to your favorite event. Celebrate your shared love of a particular film or band by designing your save the date in the style of a movie poster or concert ticket. This could include a catchy title, a tagline, and even a "starring" section with your names.

No matter which concept you choose, the key to creating a unique and whimsical save-the-date invitation is to allow your personalities to shine through. When your guests see your invitation, they should get a sense of your style as a couple and the celebration to come. And remember, the most important thing is to have fun with it – your wedding is a joyous occasion, and your save the date should be too!

Need help with your save-the-dates?

Reach out and let's start planning!

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