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How to Incorporate Special and Personal Items into your Wedding Aesthetic

Personal items like family heirlooms, the movie stub from your first date, a piece of your mother’s wedding dress are things that cannot be left out of your big day. Maybe you’re the ultimate Bucs fans, or avid cyclists and want to incorporate your favorite things into your big day. But they don’t really go with your wedding aesthetic? No problem! We’ve got tons of unique and fun ways to incorporate your personal items into your wedding aesthetic.

Peekaboo Details

You absolutely cannot get married without grandma’s favorite charm, right? It doesn’t need to be the center of attention though, that’s YOUR job. Try tying that special pendant or charm to your bouquet or using it in a headpiece.

Line his jacket with his favorite sports team's emblem, or maybe just a small patch in the pockets. Are you a huge fan too? Make the garter their team colors!

A Nod to Your Pets

We see this a lot and I hope this trend never dissipates! There are so many ways to incorporate your furry best friends into your big day. Name the bar or the signature drinks after your beloved four-legged friend. Put their faces on cocktail napkins, glassware, and even cufflinks. If your venue allows it, have them be a part of the wedding! Buddy can be the ring bearer, while your niece Anna and kitty Samantha follow as flower girls.

Honor Family Members

Unfortunately not all of our loved ones can be with us, but they can be there in spirit. Maybe your fiance has his grandfather’s watch to wear, or you have your great aunt’s earrings. It is always a sweet gesture to wear a loved one’s belongings. You can also create a memorial filled with candles, photos and treasures from your loved ones who have passed to bring their memory to your special day.

Personalized Guestbook

Remembering your special guests is one of the best past times of your wedding day. Personalizing your guest book will make those memories so much more special for you and your partner. Tiffany and Bill, being known for their love of all things Star Wars, had a fantastic Death Star Guest Book created! How cool is this?!

Get creative with your cake and decor
Huge animal lovers? Why not get married at the zoo with all of your feathered and furry friends? You can go all out with a theme or add little details to make the space your own. Bill had a special Yoda cake made to accompany Tiffany's traditional wedding cake! If you have some ideas, but not quite sure how to execute them? Give us a call!

We know these special items are near and dear to you so let's find a way to incorporate them into your big day! If you need more ideas, or help with putting it all together, would love to help!

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