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Going beyond the book: Guest “book” ideas for 2023

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Within the last few years, wedding “norms” have really gone out the window, and fresh, new trends have taken over. What used to be the sacred tradition of not seeing each other until walking down the aisle, has now been replaced by the ever-so-popular “first look.” The classic, white wedding dress has been challenged by bold brides, strutting in red, cream, light pink and even black gowns. The conventional guest book has taken on so many new forms, like messages in a bottle, signed cutting boards, and much more. Here are 4 ideas for attention-catching guest sign-ins for your 2023 wedding.

1. Messages in a bottle

A great way to celebrate your one year anniversary is to look back at what your guests had to say on the day of your wedding. Guests can write advice, best wishes, funny anecdotes, etc. on a little piece of paper, roll it up and pop it in a bottle you can keep shut until the time comes to reflect on your first year. Make sure your day of coordinator has plenty of pens/markers on hand! What a perfect idea for any nautical themed event!

2. Polaroid Pictures

Quite literally, a great way to capture a moment in time is to leave an instant film camera and extra film at the entrance table. Leave a sharpie (or a few) for guests to sign their names and any messages on the freshly printed pics! For the day of the wedding, you can easily display all of the pictures on an adorable display with some small clips. After your day is over, there are so many cute photo albums made to fit the small pictures that can house your favorite memories forever!

3. Plaques

What better piece of decor could you ask for in your home than a plaque from the day you and your love tied the knot? Have your guests sign using permanent markers and keep their signatures close to your hearts and in your home forever. There are so many options from engraving to wood burning to vinyl (and so much more) to have your new last name put on whichever piece of decor you choose to have your guests sign. Check out our shop on instagram for customizable signs and more!

4. Signed Wine Bottles

Popping the cork of your favorite vino on your wedding anniversary is a must, but how about with a sentimental twist? One of the most unique guest “books” we have seen was at this dreamy beach wedding a few years ago. Decked with metallic Sharpies, various bottles of wine, and loved ones from all over, this couple will have memories to look back on for years to come. Loving every second of this unique twist!

We always want to make sure you have your own way of preserving the memories of your loved ones on your special day. Let us know how we can help you achieve your dream day, every detail of the way.

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