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What are some alternatives to Wedding Cake?

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

The traditional tiered wedding cake will always remain a classic beauty, but today’s bride’s are challenging the norms. Surround a classic tiered cake with donuts, macarons, cake pops, and more or have them be their own showcase! Whether you’re looking to ditch the cake idea all together or incorporate some other treats along with it, here are our favorite alternatives to a wedding cake!!

Customized Cupcakes

A very simple alternative to the wedding cake is of course cupcakes! Why not create the classic tiered look with cupcakes?! These adorable sweet treats have endless customization options.

Delicious Donuts

Who doesn’t love these fluffy round treats? There are so many fun ways to display donuts; A donut wall is a great focal point and will be a social media dream! Or you can play with a unique twist to the traditional tiered wedding cake by stacking the donuts on a tower and decorate according to your theme.

Craveable Cake Pops

Starbucks has had us hooked on cake pops for years. With the ability to serve multiple flavors, you’re guaranteed to please everyone! Cake Pops are a great portable treat so you can enjoy dessert on the dance floor! They also give you endless customization opportunities to match any color scheme.

Mouth Watering Mini Desserts

Do you have a love for ALL desserts? Offer an array of delicious treats for everyone to love with a mini dessert bar. You can get creative as you want here with anything from pastries, cheesecake, mousse, and more!

Mountain of Macarons

Make a statement with a gorgeous tower of macarons. These beautifully delicate, buttercream filled delights will be sure to leave your guests tastebuds satisfied. Whether you stick with a single color, or get creative with other mediums, your macaron display will surely impress your guests!

Care-free Candy Bar

Embrace your playful side with a candy bar! The possibilities are endless and will surely make your big day memorable.

*Hint: This is also a great way to incorporate your wedding favors. Set up a table with customized containers or bags for your guests to take their treats home!

There are so many alternatives to the traditional tiered wedding cake. Let us help you find the perfect dessert display on your big day!

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