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Wellness and Stress Relief Through the Wedding Planning Process

Planning a wedding can be tough. Between balancing a million moving parts, vendors with their own sets of questions, guests with different plans and needs, and parents/family who all have their own ideas for the day, who wouldn’t be overwhelmed?

So it’s important through the wedding planning process to take some time for a wellness routine.

Here are some tips for staying mentally healthy through the stress.


Aromatherapy is a great quick way to take the edge off and calm down. These aromatherapy tools are great to keep handy in your toolkit for those tense moments.

CLICK HERE for full instructions

CLICK HERE for more info


Now is the perfect time to ramp up your exercise routine, whatever that looks like for you.

The effects are numerous but to name a few; get away from the planning and blow off some steam / relieve stress, look and feel more confident on your big day, improve your mood, and just overall health and wellness.

I’m a firm believer in finding a form of exercise you love, otherwise you won’t stick with it. So if your thing is Yoga, spin, weightlifting, whatever, it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, just get out there!


We all know that when we are eating better, we feel better. While cliché, the saying ‘you are what you eat’ couldn’t be more applicable when it comes to dealing with stress. Lots of us are prone to stress eating, and we all have our weaknesses (Hello, OREO, my old friend!). Let yourself have your splurge days, but try to keep to an otherwise healthy routine.

Added bonus; Healthy cooking and meal prep could be a fun project to work on together with your soon-to-be spouse!

Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture can have numerous health benefits, and can help with infinite ailments. But whatever you see an acupuncturist for, an added benefit of any treatment will be relaxation!!

Don't have time or $$ to see an acupuncturist?

CLICK HERE for some acupressure points (and the benefits of each) you can practice at home.

Time in Nature

Being in Florida, nothing gives me a sense of calm like taking a walk on the beach. Wherever you live, take time to get out in nature and practice a walking meditation.

Here’s how it works; As you sit or walk start to notice everything going on around you… the sounds of the waves, the birds, the kids playing. The colors of the trees, the sky, earth. The feel of the breeze on your skin, the temperature of the air, etc. As you move through this, take notice if your mind wanders back to work, wedding planning, or tasks waiting for you at home. When you notice it happen, just consciously bring your awareness back to everything around you in this moment.

I find this type of meditation to be much more accessible than traditional seated meditation. It has the same relaxing effect of being in the moment and letting go of your thoughts, but it gives you lots of things to focus on rather than asking you to be completely still with an empty mind.

Take a time-out with your love

Date night for you and your future spouse can be EVERYTHING when planning a wedding. Plan a night out or a night in with no wedding talk… just fun, laughs, some good food or wine, whatever tickles your fancy. Be sure to keep coming back to the end-goal of the wedding…being together.

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