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Tips for a perfect proposal

1. Ask for her parents’ blessing

Maybe I’m a traditionalist but this one is a MUST! In today’s times it may seem like an outdated practice, since it dated back to a time when daughters were considered property. But if your partner is close with her parents, it’s simply a gesture of respect.

2. Make it a surprise

Even if you’ve talked about it, shopped for a ring together, etc. make sure to catch her off guard. That way you’ll be sure to create a memory that will last.

3. Make sure the moment is caught on camera

Even if it’s not a professional photographer, make sure that someone is there to capture that look of sheer joy when she realizes her dreams are coming true! (AHEM…it’s you…You’re her dream come true)

4. Make sure she looks her best

If you successfully accomplished #2, she won’t know it’s coming. So it’s your job to make sure she will be happy with how she looks in the pictures. Treat her to a manicure beforehand and encourage her to wear that dress that you love so much!

5. Consult an event planner to make sure all the details are covered

You’ve put a ton of thought and effort into picking out the perfect girl and the perfect ring. Make sure you do the proposal right. A proposal planner can help all with the details so you can enjoy the moment.

6. Get down on one knee

This may seem obvious but it’s an important detail you don’t want to forget. Dating back to days of Knighthood, kneeling was a sign of respect and allegiance. You’re a gentleman, so when you’re pledging your undying love…kneel.

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