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Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Picking out the perfect ring can be a very daunting task. This is something that she will wear for the rest of her life, and a major investment for you. So considering how thoughtful you are, you want it to be perfect! There are several steps you should take to make sure she absolutely LOVES it!

1. Scope out her jewelry drawer. This can be helpful in several ways.

Firstly, you can get an idea of styles and settings that she likes. Does she like bigger and more extravagant pieces of jewelry, or smaller settings with dainty details? Is her jewelry more modern, or more classic/traditional?

Second, take that ring that she wears all the time and bring it to the jeweler. That way, you can find out her ring size!

2. Next time you’re walking around the mall, mention that you want to pop over to the jewelry counter and check out the watches (or cuff links, tie clips, whatever!). Once you’re at the point in your relationship that you’re both thinking about a proposal, like a moth to a flame, she will slowly gravitate over to the engagement rings. That’s when you casually take note of which ring she’s got her eye on!

3. Talk to her BFF or sister, and her mom

You are already going to talk to her parents to get their blessing. So that’s a perfect time to pick her mom’s brain about what type of ring to pick out. She knows your soon-to-be fiancé better than most. She knows her style, her preferences, and her weird quirks... And who knows? Maybe she has that heirloom, diamond that she’s been holding on to, just waiting for this moment.

Chances are that if you’re both thinking engagement, she’s already clued her BFF in on what she wants (and probably shared a Pinterest board). So definitely start there and see what intel you can collect. If they haven’t discussed, that’s the perfect opportunity for BFF to start asking those questions and report back to you!

4. Ask her!

When all else fails, ask her! Plenty of couples nowadays start by shopping for a ring together. If you want it to be a surprise, narrow it down to a couple rings together, then go back later and get the one you love the most!

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