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Top Five Wedding Trends for 2020

1. Non-Cake Dessert Bars

I’m a major sweet tooth. So generally I’m on board with anything sweet. Nowadays, lots of couples are ditching the grand multi-tiered cake, for less formal options like donut or pie bars. While I think the cake cutting is a time honored tradition that you shouldn’t go without, I say; get a small cake for the formality and then serve a dessert that reflects you and your honey’s personality.

2. Capes

It’s easy to see the inspiration for this look comes straight from our girl, Daenerys. And trust me when I say that she still has PLENTY of fans despite her fast (and kind of ridiculous) fall from grace. So this trend that instills a sense of femininity and strength all at the same time, is sticking!

3. Industrial Décor

Lots of trendy venues are popping up with an industrial, "celebrate the architecture" kind of vibe. So what better way to highlight the simplistic beauty than with décor to match? These industrial touches are perfect for the modern bride who doesn’t feel the need to be traditional.

4. Techy Touches

From photo booths, to interactive mirrors, to drone photography, weddings in 2020 need some techy touches. There are so many options to choose from, but whichever way you go, it will set your wedding apart.

5. Bring the Outdoors In

Here in sunny Florida, we are a destination for outdoor and beach weddings. But let’s get real… It’s HOT!! So lots of Bride’s are opting to bring those outdoors in, with décor that creates that perfect garden wedding the A.C. Trust me, your guests will thank you for this one!

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Anthony Walton
Anthony Walton
03 de ago. de 2022

These wedding photos are awesome, It's pretty.

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