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How to start a wedding planning business

Starting a business can be a daunting task! One that keeps a lot of talented people from taking the leap into entrepreneurship. Where do you even begin? What do you need to consider? What tools do you need and what can wait? It's all so confusing.

Here are some things to consider when starting a wedding planning business.


It's important to consider the paperwork side of starting a business. You'll need to get your business established with your state and consider things like insurance. Different states have different requirements so be sure to do your research.

Chances are you're not getting into the wedding industry because of your love of finance or contracts. But regardless, it's important to protect yourself and make sure you have the right pieces in place to be successful.


You'll need to build a brand including a name, website, a logo, marketing materials, social media pages and more. Potential clients want to see a brand that is professional and consistent.

Things to consider when building your brand... color palette, fonts, patterns, logos and word marks.


Getting your brand out there is the biggest step in today's wedding market. The vast majority of couples are hiring pros they find on social media, so showing up there and showcasing your work is of the utmost importance.

Building your online presence takes time and hard work. Build your portfolio and only showcase the type of work you want to attract. Not interested in barn weddings? Then don't post barn weddings!

In addition to social media, marketing and networking will be a major tool to get your name out there. Do some research on the best marketing tools in your area. It may be a paid site, or it may be bridal shows or networking events. You want to make sure any money you're spending will give you a return on your investment!

Packages and Pricing

It's important to outline clear inclusions in your packages in order to set realistic expectations with potential clients. Wedding planning is tough to nail down since it's a service, not a tangible product, and it's a little bit different for everyone. That makes it easy for confusion to occur or the dreaded scope creep. So make sure YOU decide what they are getting for their investment, and that it is clearly outlined.

But what if I told you there was an easier way?

How would you like to start a business with all of the above already built in! Starting your business as a franchise has some major benefits.

While it certainly costs more up front, you can start making a living right out of the gate. Most wedding pros spend years charging next to nothing in order to build their portfolio and establish their processes. The problem is... clients who will pay you next to nothing are most likely NOT who you want to attract as more clients. The double edged sword of 'how can I charge enough to make a living, but no one will hire me without experience and a portfolio'. But with an established brand, reputation, contracts, templates, marketing materials, tools, support, training and more... you are worth top dollar in your market from day 1!

Opening a franchise location allows you to focus on the part of wedding planning you are actually interested in.... the WEDDING PLANNING... with the rest of it outlined for you.

Want to learn more about opening a Popped Event Planning franchise in your area?

A wedding planner arranging a table setting
Wedding Planner

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