Good Food.

Great People.

Bad Dancing.

Sydney    Scott's



December 4, 2021

Sarasota, FL


After connecting on a dating app, Syd and Scott knew they stumbled upon something special. A bond built on food, travel, and crazy costumes now turns into a lifelong adventure.


They’ve dressed as pirates, bounty hunters, rednecks and more. But soon they’ll don the most exciting outfits of all – a wedding dress and suit and tie! No matter what threads they rock throughout their lives, the thread that bonds them will always be love. So get ready to celebrate that bond, but please, leave your wigs at home!


You are my






You Shouldn't Have!

Your presence on the big day would be the greatest gift of all.

However, if you want to honor us with a gift, we will be grateful for

a cash gift towards our future together.


Getting Here

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the planning and logistics

so you can relax and enjoy your trip to Sarasota.

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